МАЙ БИСКИТС ООД - Manufacture of sweets and other confectionery products

МАЙ БИСКИТС ООД  is a leader in the production of sweets and other products suitable for daily consumption. The company is a producer with its own confectionery, located in the town of Pernik.

The production building is equipped with modern facilities and technologies according to the European confectionery standards.
МАЙ БИСКИТС ООД offers a wide assortment of sweets and confectionery products:

  •  - sweets with pleasant vanilla aroma
  •  - sweetс with chocolate glaze
  •  - Fragrant sweets and cookies with a jam of forest or garden fruits
  •  - sweets with nuts
  •  - sweets with coconut
  •  - Sweets with strawberry jam
  •  - sweet peanuts
  •  - sweets with light cream

Sugar products of МАЙ БИСКИТС ООД have a pleasant shape, a wonderful flavor and fragrant.
Every kind of the small sweets еnjoys with their vision and unique taste.

The company has a well-established distribution network covering the whole country, mainly with wholesalers and retail chains. We export part of our assortment to many European countries. Our products are very well accepted in the foreign market, mainly because of the natural ingredients and raw materials we use. For our clients in Bulgaria we offer free delivery of their order.

Our plant is equipped with modern facilities and advanced technologies in the production of sweets and sweets.
Our priority is the constant high quality of the sweets  МАЙ БИСКИТС ООД.
The products correspond to all legal requirements and standards for the production of safe products. We have implemented HACCP so that our products are not only delicious but also safe.